Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What if Mumbai happened here?

That's the topic of my latest column over at Here's an excerpt:

I guess we should be asking – not what if it happened here, but why hasn't it happened here? Why haven't we had suicide bombers in Houston? Car bombs in San Diego? Roadside ambushes, homemade mortars?

It's not that hard, really. Not that hard to make homemade explosives. Easy as pie to walk into a crowded mall and set them off. It happens in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Israel. It used to happen in Britain and Spain.

Why not here? We are, after all, the Great Satan. If the Islamofascists were really serious, they'd bring their game over here.

If they can, that is. Hey, I think I've answered my question.

So back to the original question: what if it did happen here?
Read the whole thing.


The Asian Badger said...

Depending on the state, there would be a lot of dead terrorists.

In Wisconsin, maybe the same result since there is no concealed carry....although I think a bunch of armed guys going from Lake Michigan to the Pfister would elicit a bunch of phone calls.

In a state like Texas, the odds are that some of the hotel occupants would be armed and would have gotten at least a few of the terroritst.

John Foust said...

In your world, AB, which rock 'n roll anthem plays while the good guys beat the bad guys?


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