Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yes, I know, I misspelled Kennedy's name

Writing over at about political dynasties and why they're bad...and why they're not so bad, I spelled Caroline Kennedy's name wrong.

The upside is, I can almost guarantee that this is the biggest mistake I'll make for the remainder of the year.

Here's an excerpt:

We have an aversion to generational politics in this country. It reminds us of aristocracy. Of power handed down by birthright. There is no birthright here, or there's not supposed to be. You have to earn it, just like everybody else.

We know that’s not really true – not entirely. Some people have advantages others simply don't. Still – political power, at least, isn't supposed to arrive at your bedroom door like a shiny silver dollar the night after losing a tooth.

...Let’s not be unfair: Carolyn [sic] Kennedy is surely not the best-qualified candidate for the seat, but…so what? What are the qualifications, exactly? What job skills are required? The ability to read speeches written by media staffers? To appear in public without embarrassing yourself?

If so, heck, even I'm qualified. And if I am, so is she.
It's an odd feeling, writing a [sic] while quoting yourself.


Skye said...

Yeah, Lance..her last name is Schlossberg.

Lance Burri said...

"Senator Schlossberg?" Don't be ridiculous, Skye.

Skyeblue said...

Only as ridiculous as Caroline Schlossberg's bid for the empty Senate seat.


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